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Does a Bail Bondman Have the Same Powers as a Police Officer?

All too often, you turn on the news and hear about an inmate who has bonded out of jail and then skipped their bail. A good deal of the time, if an inmate’s family or friends cannot afford to have them bonded out of jail, they will work with a bail bonds company such as Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara to bond out.

The inmate who was bonded out will then make a promise to appear in court on their scheduled day to their bail bondman, and if the inmate does not show up, there will usually be a warrant issued for their arrest.

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What Can a Bail Bondman Do About It?

A bailbonds Santa Barbara bondsman has similar rights to a police officer when someone skips bail in the sense that the bondsman, or an agent working for the bondsman, can locate, arrest, and bring in to the police station someone who has skipped their bail. While this might sound very similar to the process a police officer enforcing a warrant might do, the two are entirely separate professions.

The police officer is doing a law enforcement job, while the bail bondsman or his/her agent is doing a bail enforcement job. Bail bondsmen or the agents working for them can even enter into a fugitive’s home without having to worry about getting a warrant, giving them, often, a much larger area to work with than a police officer when it comes to chasing down their fugitives.

It is important to remember that the scale of authority given to bail bondsmen and the agents who work with them is different from state to state, as every state issues its own laws surrounding bail and bail enforcement. At the end of the day, having access to a good bail bondsman is great for inmates who are in jail and looking to bail out, but if that inmate skips town and misses their day in court, that bail bondsman can do everything possible to return that inmate to jail.