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Tips to Maintain a Tick-Free Home

It takes only 24- 48-hours of continuous feeding of a tick to transmit diseases to its human host. Many people don’t realize a tick has attached itself to the skin for hours afterward, leaving them vulnerable to Lyme disease and other ailments. It is imperative that you take measures for tick control libertyville to protect yourself, children, pets and home.

Trim the Grass

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Ticks love to hide out in tall grass. Keep your lawn cut and remove their hiding space, increasing the difficulty of a tick attaching itself to your skin or to a pet’s fur. Clean up the grass clippings after the grass is trimmed, since ticks also hide out in piles of brush.

DEET to the Rescue

Using a spray or lotion containing DEET during the summer months is your best defense against ticks.  Follow the instructions on the label carefully to ensure safe fall protection. If you prefer a natural alternative, options do exist, but research carefully before choosing a product.

Hire a Professional

Professional tick control experts offer the best solutions to protect your property against ticks. The cost to hire a professional varies with factors such as the size of the property and the tick control options chosen affecting the price. Compare options and you can easily find a professional who protects you home!

Weed Control

Weeds can be a problem for many homes, but you can find a variety of products sold at home improvement stores that help you get a better handle on them. Keep weeds out of your lawn just as well as you keep grass trimmed to ensure that pests like ticks have nowhere to hide.

It is easy to add an extra layer of protection to your home when it’s time to prevent pests and insects such as ticks. Keep the tips above in mind to keep your home tick free all summer long.